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Asbestos-Containing Materials Consulting & Testing Services

Aspen Environmental can assist clients with the identification, assessment, and management of asbestos. Our expertise, training, and up-to-date regulatory knowledge allows us to provide comprehensive and complete asbestos testing and consultation.

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Aspen Environmental, Inc. routinely performs asbestos material investigative inspections and surveys. These surveys involve bulk material sampling to test for the presence of asbestos fibers in building materials. Our certified and licensed asbestos inspection team provides comprehensive inspection services including the following:

1) Identification of asbestos type, percent composition, material location.
2) Hazard/risk assessment, documented condition of asbestos, mitigation and response action  recommendation.
3) Written reports to support Colorado Regulation #8, AHERA, NESHAPS, and Demolition Permit Application needs.


Aspen Environmental, Inc. performs air sampling using either Non-Asbestos specific Phase Contrast Microscopy (P.C.M.) cassettes and or Asbestos specific Transmission Electron Microscopy (T.E.M) cassettes during abatement activities in order to ensure a safe and clean work environment.

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Aspen Environmental can prepare the design and compilation of project specifications for the removal, encapsulation, or enclosure of asbestos containing materials. Asbestos abatement project specifications are often necessary to insure the safe, legal, and complete removal of asbestos containing materials.


During asbestos abatement, mitigation, or repair activities Aspen Environmental’s staff of industrial hygienists and environmental consultants can provide project monitoring and administration services to insure regulatory compliance. During abatement activities our staff of trained and licensed asbestos professionals can provide air monitoring services. Upon completion of abatement and mitigation activities we collect clearance air samples to be analyzed via Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM AHERA recommended methodology) or Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM methodology).


Aspen Environmental commonly investigates sites which are determined to be built with asbestos-containing materials, however, the condition of the materials are such that they do not present any eminent danger to building personnel. In these cases, we recommend in-place management of asbestos containing materials. In-place management is controlled and documented by a written "Asbestos Material Operations and Management Plan." We service clients with the compilation of building specific asbestos management plans and proper training of facility managers.

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